Culture: Genocide commemoration color changes to grey

Genocide commemoration

The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG) has revealed that the color purple used in 1994 Tutsi genocide commemoration events has been changed to grey.

Innocent Gashugi, in charge of culture and sports in Muhanga district asked that with effect from 2013 19th commemoration, purple colour should be changed on all memorial sites.

However, he says that it will be a gradual process depending on the financial support available.

Gashugi highlights that the reason behind changing the mourning color is to keep track of Rwandan culture where grey color was used in mourning the dead in ancient times.

He adds that using purple color was adopted from western culture, which tampers with Rwandan values.

Rwandans started using purple color after 1994 Tutsi genocide. 


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